Best Work Practices for Electrical Safety

Training when it comes to electrical safety is very important if you want to have a productive and safe workplace environment. Since electricity is a part of just about every single workplace out there, it’s imperative that everybody in the workplace understands how it works. Just one small accident can end up having devastating results. There are three things you need to look at when it comes to electrical safety in the workplace; proper work practices, hazard recognition and hazards which are specific to certain work environments.

As for safer work practices, they begin with an understanding of some basic electrical dangers like fires, burns and shocks. Faulty wiring is a major cause of all these accidents. Don’t pick up tools using their power cords. This will not just damage wires but will also put you at risk of getting shocked. Any damage to cords need to be fixed right away too and the tool put aside for repair till it is done.

You should never run multiple pieces of equipment on a single circuit. This will eventually cause an overload which increases the risk of a fire.

Extension cords are designed so that they can be used temporarily. Do not make them a permanent solution ever. Make sure the rating of the extension cord is checked before its used too.

You should never fit 3-pronged cords into outlets with just 2-prongs. This will prevent the grounding wire from working and will make you vulnerable to any stray electricity.

Lastly, try and stick to double insulated tools since they can provide you with some extra protection when it comes to working with electricity These tools need to be mandatory at all workplaces in fact since they are great at conducting electricity away from users which will only help in increasing the safety of workers exponentially.